Main courses of activity at Beita

Beita sees as its goal to create a lively dialogue in the field of social art in Jerusalem, nurturing original creative processes, and providing insights into activities in the field. The center operates in several tracks:

BeitaCity– a unique visitor’s center, which offers the public an information center, art tours, and art  centers map.

 BeitArtist– changing exhibitions and hosting of artistic initiatives.

 BeitAcademy– courses, workshops and an open classroom.

ביתא מלמעלה

Beita’s vision is founded on a multidisciplinary approach, that believes art strengthens involved, creative, and communal citizenship, where, through the creation of culture, artists affect decision making processes in the urban sphere. The building of Beita was a threefold collaboration including municipality authorities which shape the image of the city, artists who create in the urban space, and residents of Jerusalem.

News and Events

30.3.17 - Beita Gallery "City Tale" with the project's artists, a lecture about arts in the public sphere and a live performance of "Krikha Raka" \\ a part of Jerusalem Arts Festival - More...

3.4.17 - "Third Body" - a live dance and performance act made by artists of "Yael - a Home for Independent Dance Artists in Jerusalem", in an ongoing exhibition at Beita's Gallery \\ a part of Jerusalem Arts Festival - More...

עיצוב גרוטסקה דיזיין פיתוח בינטרנט