Division of the space and use of the building

חדרי ביתא

The Beita space, spanning over 200 square meters, is divided into two floors in the renovated Seidof building.  The different rooms are used for the various functions of anart-society-city creative home.

First Floor:

Art Visitor’s Center / BeitaCity 

The BeitaCity visitor’s center offers a unique way to experience the city of Jerusalem through exhibitions,  art tours throughout the city, information and mapping point. BeitaCity invites the public, residents, tourists, and passers-by to come visit. 



 The Muslala  Carpentry Workshop- A Creative Arts & Crafts Work Space

A professional productive work space for arts and crafts, equipped with carpentry tools and machines. The creation of the workshop refers to the history of the building as a home for handmade crafts, and allows for diverse contemporary creation, combining art and day to day needs. Beita’s workshop  is hosting the Muslala workshop and serving the general population through courses and workshops offered to the public.  


סדנא ביתא חדש

Salon- a forum for meeting and hosting cultural events and art exhibitions.

 The Beita salon is a unique framework for a variety of encounters. It offers seating arrangements, sound and projection equipment, and a service counter. The Beita Salon hosts, artist talks, performances, movie screenings, lectures, and debates. It is used by neighbours, passers by, different forums, select groups of artists, activists, and partners.  15895008_1848464322109750_1326599060484904702_n

12194604_1651927428430108_8199754122314171160_o14963311_1811500302472819_3522025283564229341_nאווירה-קומת כניסה_השקה קופסה שחורה

Second Floor:

BeitaAcademy-Classroom, sewing workshop-a place for learning, debate, research, meeting and creating  

A space for learning, courses, debate, research, and showcasing. The classroom is used by the BeitaAcademy– a  school  used for information sharing, courses and workshops.



Space Rental for Culture Events

The Beita space, spanning over 200 square meters, is divided into two floors in the renovated Seidof building. Beita offers two spaces available for rental for culture events. in order to promote community cultural events in the city. The building is located in the center of town, adjacent to the Mahane Yehuda market and is easily accessible (on the route of the light rail).

To get an impression of our different spaces and choose the one that best suits your needs you are welcome to view the Beita Rooms

Available at the space are a projector and plasma screen for presentations. In addition, it is possible to reserve: sound and music services, DJ, filming, and refreshments, with advance coordination and for an additional price.

To coordinate a date and receive a price estimate call

02-5953346/7 or email beitajerusalem@gmail.com


News and Events

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