Welcome to Beita:

A  home for art in Jerusalem, focusing on the connections between art, society, and the city

 Beita is an art center, operated by the Jerusalem Municipality’s department of Visual Arts.

 Beita aims to serve as a home, point of contact, and active arena of artistic practice in the social-urban sphere, through mapping, examining and engaging new relationships between contemporary art, social issues and the everyday urban experience, with all the complexities and uniqueness inherent to the city of Jerusalem.

Beita is located in the historic Seidof building on 155 Jaffa Street, neighbouring the Mahane Yehuda market. The center provides an innovative urban function, bringing together   artists and researchers,  of the city, and serving as an arena for dialogue, a base for generating collaborations, and a creative driving force..

See you at Beita!

Beita is a vibrant meeting place for thinking, researching and creating in the fields of art – society – city. Come connect, meet, experience, and sign up for Beita’s  activities:

 Courses and Workshops / Art Tours / Open Workshop / Art Groups Hosting / Space Rentals / Cultural Initiatives Hosting 



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