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How to grow vegetables in the city? what is city planning? who lived in Jerusalem 3000 years ago? what can we do with empty plastic bottles?

כתה פתוחה ביתא

Do you have something to teach? You are invited to do it at our space. Beita’s open classroom operates based on the knowledge of its participants, with any person welcome to suggest a topic and teach. Entrance is free of charge! 

The open classroom invites those who love learning and those who love teaching to weekly meetings (according to the activity calendar). Each of the meetings will focus on basic concepts of art-society-city, and on practical activities that enrich and better daily life in the urban sphere.

For suggestions and registration: 

Please add to your proposal: a paragraph on yourself (up to 150 words), a paragraph on the topic you would like to teach (up to 200 words) the structure of the class and your logistic needs (projector, workshop etc).

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