The first residency program ‘Building Beita’ / May-September 2014


Group photo of the ‘Building Beita’ participants on the roof of the Seidof building 

Participants: Chaya Ruckin, Noam Kuzar, Dafna Shalom, Elad Yaron, Merav Svirsky, Yair Assaf Shapira, Nava Frenkel, Natti Shmia-Ofer, Eitam Tubul, Matan Pinkas,

Manager: Anat Litwin Residency Program Coordinator: Yehudit Schlossberg Yogev Residency Technical Manager: Ofeq Shemer

On May 27th 2014, several months before the full public opening of the center, the residency program ‘Building Beita’ was opened. The program was dedicated to a collaborative research and development process, where the staff and a group of interdisciplinary artists-fellows met together to think, learn, map and build the Beita infrastructure through a series of theoretical workshops and meetings with residents of the city. The products of the residency process were presented to the general public in an opening exhibition, and shown for a month in our ‘open house’, from September 16th to the end of October 2014.

So What Happened at the Residency?

A summary of 7 Meetings


News and Events

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