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Beita aspires to relate the story of the Seidoff building as a way to discover the city and all the urban, social and value changes it underwent, as well as to rethink the shaping of its future. In the absence of official documentation on the building, the search for details has become part of a creative research process, including collecting information and stories from residents who know of its past.

We at Beita invite you to share recollections from the communal life at Seidoff, to meet over the shared document and add information, stories, and pictures.  


Up to this point three meetings were held with the original tenants of the building. At the first meeting on July 1st 2014 Beita met with the brothers Hertzel and Balfur Hakak who read us their poems and told of the neighbourhood atmosphere. At the second meeting, the Beita staff met with Moshe Cohen, Nehemia and Yaakov Malul.

Yaakov Malul assisted in organising a wide meeting (August 19th 2014) where the circle expanded (in parenthesis the year living at Seidoff):

Yaakov Malul (1940-1972), Aharon Cohen (1936-1961), Ruth Levi (1949-1963), Shaaltiel Levi (1938-1963), Aliza Levi (1940-1960), Yaffa Levi (1940-1963), Aharon Ashri (1939-1964), Yona Ashri (1939-1964), Yom Tov Hamawi (1939-1985), Dudu Shriki (1952-1967), Sara Shriki Rosenfeld (1947-1967), Moshe Scharamm (1938-1954), Yona Ben Hayim

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