BeitaStage – A Culture and Group Hosting Program


The BeitaStage is designed to be a living meeting place for neighbours and residents to come together in a place of gathering, debate, work, and dialogue. The different hosting tracks originated from the sparsity of spaces for working and exhibiting in the city, a reality where a variety of groups operate without their own space.

Being an urban space that belongs to the residents, Beita aims to become a home for different communities operating in Jerusalem. 


The courtyard children 2014 – alumni photo of the Seidoff courtyard children after 60 years. 

The BeitaStage offers monthly culture salons (see activity calendar), hosting of culture initiatives that require a daily work space, and of art groups which develop projects during their stay at Beita to be presented in the culture salon. In addition, Beita offers a space rental service for different events. 

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