Gallery Talk – City Tale – a Jerusalem Arts Festival Event

30/03/2017 / Thursday / 20:00 - 22:30

Gallery Talk - City Tale - a Jerusalem Arts Festival Event

“…Raise your head and look up…”

“Gallery-Talk at Beita” is proud to present “City Tale 2”,featuring the artists: Alex Ben Ari: Poet; Asaf Karas: Illustrator as well as a lecture about arts in the public sphere. The event will conclude with a live music act featuring “Krikha Raka”.

Jerusalem Municipality’s ongoing story project, “City Tale” is presenting for the second year in a row and this time – as a part of Jerusalem Arts Festival. This year, “City Tale” consists of four new paintings and four new short poems.

The poet Ben-Ari and the Illustrator Karas were sent to wander through the streets of Jerusalem and to write and draw together a shared creation of Jerusalem that is somewhere between fantasy and reality.

For Karas, the greatest challenge was to draw something that could the texts but is also a real part of the street. He drew each drawing inspired by people he witnessed while wandering the streets of Jerusalem. Ben-Ari sees the goal of his creation as way to make people pause their everyday life, lift their heads and rise above their daily grind.

“… there isn’t anything more necessary for the residents of the city than what our art is trying to create…”

Free Admittance – everyone is  welcome to join us, enjoy the lecture and the live show, and to lift their heads and truly see

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