Beita’s neighbours in the past, present, or future, are physical as well as spiritual neighbours, people who were, gave, and told.


The Seidof courtyard children: 

These neighbours are partners in the creation of the Beita archive, which collects stories on the Seidof building and its past way of life. These stories were collected in the research and documentation file created by artist Elad Yaron, and are being developed into a book on the place:

Hertzel and Balfur Hakak

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dir=”ltr”>Yaakov Malul – lived in the Seidof building  1940-1972

Aharon Cohen –

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lived in the Seidof building 1936-1961

Ruth Levi – lived in the Seidof building  1949-1963

Shaaltiel Levi – lived in the Seidof building  1938-1963

Aliza Levi – lived in the Seidof building  1940-1960

Yaffa Levi – lived in the Seidof building  1940-1963

Aharon Ashri – lived in the Seidof

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building  1939-1964

Yom Tov Hamawi – lived in the Seidof building  1939-1985

Dudu Shriki – lived in the Seidof building  1952-1967

Sara Shriki Rosenfeld – lived in the Seidof building  1947-1967

Moshe Scharamm – lived in the Seidof building  1938-1954

Yona Ben Hayim


Neighbours / Partners in tour routes:

Shebi Sherpler (Azura Restaurant)

Kobi Frej

Einat Gomel

Efram Taspa

Eitan Perry

Miriam Handler

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dir=”ltr”>Roni Shpitalnik


Ruthi Cohen


News and Events

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