Beita is proud to create collaborations that enable different groups to exchange information, and promote activity in the public sphere. To propose new partnerships you are always welcome to contact us. 

Muslala / The Open Workshop 

We are here to build your dreams 

The workshop is currently hosted in  BETA – 155 Jaffa rd.

The workshop is used as a workspace for artists, and residents, and is designed to promote creative freedom  and collaboration, as well as experimentation in matter and in essence. Our team of patient, careful and experienced, golden handed professionals, closely attend and guide the workshop, which is furnished with electrical and manual equipment for wood, metal, fabric and more.

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Nathan Landow – 0505949811



JLM.FM is a Jerusalem-based social internet radio, which was born from the need for a non-institutional radio that would reflect the unique face of the Israeli and Jerusalemite culture, and the combination of the old and new voices in our society and community.

We believe that a good city is like a good party: one that you return from early in the morning, wondering about all the deep and fascinating encounters you’ve had along the way. In our view, in order to create a vibrant scene one must ‘mix the water’, and create a distinctive media platform that amplifies Jerusalem’s many unique voices. This way Jerusalem would be able to articulate itself, by itself and for itself.

Our belief is that broadcasting a voice of Jerusalem should be an integral part of the city and the street. We broadcast live on Tuesday through Thursday evenings (17:00-22:00) and on Friday afternoons (11:00-14:00) from Beita, the new home for artists, located on Yafo 155, just past Makhane Yehuda. Our programs can also be streamed as podcasts at any time. Several times a month, we take the radio out of the studio and onto the natural stage that is Jerusalem for special “Out on the Air” broadcasts. If there’s a must hear live show, a fascinating lecture or a live DJ set happening in town, we’re there to broadcast and bring it to the people.

JLM.FM is run and operated entirely by volunteers: by young people born in the city, by new residents and by visitors, sometimes by its critics and givers of tough-love, but always by those entranced by its charm and by those who care for it, who all work together to sustain one ongoing, unique cultural event.

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